Supporting Public Television

Dollars to Public Television

Information technology professional Amita Vadlamudi has served as a computer systems analyst at a major financial company, where she focused on IBM mainframe and Unix systems. Amita Vadlamudi supports a number of nonprofit organizations, including the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). 

PBS has been in the business of educational television programming since the network’s launch in 1970. For the past decade, annual Roper polls have placed PBS at or near the top of the list of the country’s most trusted sources of information. The nonprofit public broadcasting network may be seen as the nation’s largest classroom rather than just a television channel. 

PBS runs several pledge drives per year in order to raise funds. However, philanthropists and charitable individuals can donate money at any time by visiting the PBS website. There, supporters can give as much or as little as they desire. These tax-deductible pledges are used to maintain and enhance the network’s services and program offerings.