A computer engineer with more than three decades of experience in her field, Amita Vadlamudi currently splits her time between various professional and personal endeavors in and around her home. Commanding an impressive professional background, Amita Vadlamudi set the stage for her career as an undergraduate at Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City. Following receipt of her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Saint Peter’s College, she launched a highly diversified career as a computer engineer and analyst, working in a wide range of capacities.

Ms. Vadlamudi built her formative experience by working on various IBM Mainframe Operating Systems components, such as TSO (Time Sharing Option) and JES (Job Entry Subsystem). To this end, Amita Vadlamudi worked within IBM’s PROFS e-mail system, the VM/ESA Operating System, and the MVS Operating System. Ms. Vadlamudi went on to provide support for Distributed Systems Platforms as a Computer Systems Analyst, managing the AIX Operating System and the Solaris Operating System. As a strong testament to her expertise, Amita Vadlamudi maintains fluency in a number of coding languages, including Shell Scripting, REXX, C/370, COBOL, PL1, and Assembler. In addition, Ms. Vadlamudi has created and maintained network infrastructure for several platforms, ensuring the proper execution of FTP transfers and Internet file exchanges.

In order to build and improve her communications skills, Amita Vadlamudi took courses at a local community college in speech and presentation skills and was also a member of the Toastmasters club for a number of years. Toastmasters International is a worldwide club that helps members develop speaking and leadership skills. As a believer in ongoing growth and self-improvement Ms. Vadlamudi also took courses at a local vocational and technical school that included basic home maintenance, plumbing, and auto repair.