Origins of Apples

Amita Vadlamudi finds History to be a very interesting Study. Having come across the mention of apples in the ancient cultures books, Amita Vadlamudi decided to trace their origins.

Apples are ubiquitous. First item one finds in any fruit section from grocery store to convenient store is the apple. Apples are not only everywhere, but they have been around for millennia.

Origins of apples have been traced to Kazakhstan in Asia thousands of years ago. Apples were cultivated during Greek era around 300 BC and they were common fruit during Roman times. Romans said to have brought them into England around 1st century BC. The colonists brought apple seeds from Europe to America in the 1600’s and the crop took off in the suitable climate of North America.

Now USA is the second largest producer of apples next to China. Turkey, Italy, India, Poland, France, Iran, Brazil and Chile are the top producers of Apples. Apples grow in most of the 50 states of America. Washington state is by far the largest producer of apples in USA. Other top producing states in USA are New York and Michigan.

Whether they are locally grown or imported, apples can be found in every corner of the world. With over 7,500 varieties of apples worldwide one can always find an apple that suits their taste.